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  • Pula – a travel guide
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  • Umag


    The clay of Umag To many people outside the sports milieu, the mentioning of the city of Umag will not ring a bell. Nevertheless, Umag is certainly going to stay in pretty memories to Guillermo Coria, Carlos Moya and Stan Wawrinka. What do these tennis legends have in common? Well, all three of them won the renowned tennis tournament held

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    Rovinj – a travel guide

    Rovinj - a travel guide

    Rovinj,  a town in the western part of Istrian Peninsula, one of the most attractive regions of the country. Along with Porec, it is the most appealing visitors site not just in Istria, but in the whole Adriatic Sea in general. It is characterised by the Mediterranean climate, with many sunny days throughout the year and exceptionally warm summers. The wider area

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    Pula – a travel guide

    Pula - a travel guide

    Located in the south of Istrian Peninsula, Pula presents the leading city of the county. With the population over 50 000 citizens, it takes the eight place in the entire country. Pula lies in a very safe port and is protected by seven hills, a fact of importance for various conquerors who made their journey throughout the Balkans. In the

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    Porec – a travel guide

    Porec - a travel guide

    On the first glance, what seems remarkable about the city of barely 17 000 residents on the very western part of Croatia?  Nothing in particular, many would say. However, if one knows that this little city was first introduced by no other than a member of Austro-Hungarian aristocracy and that it has so many hotels which provide over 90 000

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    Visiting Sarajevo

    Visiting Sarajevo

    Sarajevo – The European Jerusalem It is remarkable how the greatest beauties often lie in the last place you would expect. Take for instance the region of the Balkans- this area is widely known for its bloody history, conflicts and is often associated with war. However, as its name proposes, (Balkan means blood and honey in the Turkish language), the

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    Split – Croatia – panorama Split bus network Map of Split Video:

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    Jelacica Plac in Zagreb, Croatia Getting to Zagreb – see Zagreb buses Video:

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    Šibenik is the largest town in central Dalmatia formed around eleventh-century fortress. in 15th century the town / fortress became Venetian stronghold in battles against the Ottoman Empire. The town has it medieval centre as well as lovely cathedral (Katedrala Svetig Jakova)  one of the finest architectural monuments in Croatia. The cathedral is listed by UNESCO. As a transport point, Šibenik has its port where

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    Views over Kotor bay; Getting to Kotor: see buses to Kotor Kotor in a nutshell In the time of increasing awareness of the stunning seaside resorts, countries like Montenegro seem to be somehow overstepped which is a great shame when one comes to think of what this little country at the Adriatic Sea can offer. Among its best representatives is Kotor.

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    Mostar – a travel guide

    Mostar - a travel guide

    Panorama of Mostar with Old Bridge across Neretva river Getting there: Bus to Mostar Visiting Mostar – Mostar in a nutshell Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land of various and distinct beauty. It could be said that variety in its natural lore is rarely to be seen anywhere else in the world; for this country possesses great, long valleys, it has several

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