By ferry from Venice to Corfu and Dubrovnik

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    I am planning my vacation in Italy, Greece and Croatia for next summer.

    We would like to use ferries as much as possible and avoid buses and trains.

    Our idea is to fly to Venice and from there to take the ferry either to Corfu or Dubrovnik or vice – versa as we would like to visit both places.

    Can anyone suggest what is the fastest way to travel between Venice, Dubrovnik and Corfu if we sail by ferries?

    thank you, Mary


    Hi Mary,
    to get from Venice in Italy to Greece and Croatia using ferries you would need to change several ferry crossings including one from Venice to Ancona, from Ancona to Split and from Split to Dubrovnik.

    This is definetly not the fastes way, the fastes way is to fly from Venice to Dubrovnik.

    To get to Corfu from Dubrovnik the best way is to cross from Dubrovnik to Bari and get another ferry from Bari to Greece and Corfu.

    I just googled some of these routes and found couple of articles that may be useful to read:
    Venice to Dubrovnik or Venice to Split and Croatia to Greece article


    Wow! Plenty to read 🙂 Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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