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  • Visiting Sarajevo
  • Mostar – a travel guide
  • Visiting Sarajevo

    Visiting Sarajevo

    Sarajevo – The European Jerusalem It is remarkable how the greatest beauties often lie in the last place you would expect. Take for instance the region of the Balkans- this area is widely known for its bloody history, conflicts and is often associated with war. However, as its name proposes, (Balkan means blood and honey in the Turkish language), the

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    Mostar – a travel guide

    Mostar - a travel guide

    Panorama of Mostar with Old Bridge across Neretva river Getting there: Bus to Mostar Visiting Mostar – Mostar in a nutshell Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land of various and distinct beauty. It could be said that variety in its natural lore is rarely to be seen anywhere else in the world; for this country possesses great, long valleys, it has several

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