Brijuni National Park, Brijuni Islands

Panorama of Brijuni National Park, Brijuni Islands

Panorama of Brijuni National Park, Brijuni Islands – Vanga island in the foreground

Brijuni, also known as Brioni, is a small and picturesque archipelago, laying just off the coast of Istria, that got National Park status in 1983. It consists of 12 smaller (Sveti Marko, Gaz, Obljak, Supin, Supinic, Galija, Grunj, Vanga, Krasnica, Pusti, Sveti Jerolim, Kotez) and two larger islands – Veli and Mali Brijun. The archipelago was a fashionable seaside resort from 1900s while after the WW2 it became the private residence of President Tito. After his death, being proclaimed as National Park, the archipelago was opened to visitors.

Things To Do on Brijuni:


After a boat ride from Fažana, you will get off in Veli Brijun main pier from where the small tourist train takes you to the island sightseeing tour. You will see golf course, safari park, remains of Roman villa rustica in Verige Bay, small archaeological museum, church, as well as permanent exhibition ‘Tito on Brijuni’ where you can see artefacts and photos of Tito and its guests staying on the islands that from the 1960s to 1980s served as President Tito’s personal holiday resort. After the tour, you can rent bikes or electric golf carts to explore the rest of island on your own.

Beaches / Swimming:

You can swim along the entire coastline of the islands while most popular swimming spots are at Saluga bay and Sveti Jerolim beach. The facilities include café, beach chairs and parasols.

Ulysses Theatre

If you are a theatre lover, it is good to know that every summer, in July and August, at an open-air stage of Minor Fort (tvrđava Minor), a former Austrian fortress on Mali Brijun island, the Ulysses Theatre has open stage evening performances of classical and modern theatre pieces. All info about shows, dates and tickets are at

Accommodation on the Brijuni:

The accommodation within a park itself is in two hotels (Hotel Neptun and Hotel Karmen) and tree villas, offering luxury apartments on Veli Brijun, all bookable via Park’s website. No camping nor private rooms/apartments are available. As an alternative, just across the waters, there is a good choice of accommodation in Fazana. Nearest campsite is BiVillage, west of Fazana –


The only places offering food in the Park at the present are two hotel’s restaurants at Veli Brijun as well as small beach bar/cafe in Saluga bay and at Sveti Jerolim island.

Getting to the Brijuni:

Brijuni Islands ferries:

The nearest point to the Park is an Istrian town of Fažana from where you can get a boat ride to Veli Brijun. To reach Fazana by public transport, take bus no 21 from Pula (8 km away), it cost 15 Kuna. Once there, take a ferry to Veli Brijun – frequent daily sailings info is here:

Day-trips to the Brijuni

You can book an easy day trip (excursion) to Brijuni from either Pula, Poreč or Rovinj. The nearest point to the Islands is Pula, where in its waterfront/pier there are several excursion boats offering day trips to the islands. The trips last from 2 hrs sightseeing tour to whole day excursion that includes lunch and visits both islands.

If you have your own boat you can get to the Park anytime you wish.

Entrance fees to Brijuni National Park:

Ticket prices are between 125 Hrk and 210 Hrk depending on the time of the year, the most expensive are in July and August. It is recommended to book in advance, especially in summer months. Tickets are bookable from National Parks office:

More info:

Brijuni National Park, Brijunska 10, 52212 Fazana; tel: 052-525 888; web:

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